Housing Measurement, Benchmarking & Analysis

In today’s competitive world of higher education, your residential program has never been more important for admissions, student life, and the fiscal performance of your institution.  Sightlines’ Housing service uses over 300 data elements and 108 benchmarks, allowing us to apply our proven Benchmarking & Analysis methodology for more informed decisions regarding housing construction, rates, occupancy, staffing, budgets, and more.

Sightlines’ Housing service enables members to understand the impact of residential life on their campus, assess the value of previous actions, and model the impact of future projects.  Sightlines leads its members through a discovery process which includes a trend analysis of their data as well as comparison to peer institutions.  By creating families of related benchmarks and the perspective of having worked with over 290 institutions, Sightlines is able to separate fact from fiction and tell each member institution’s “housing story”.

With the Housing service, Sightlines has developed a tool to help its member institutions answer the following questions on campus:

  • What is our student population, who lives in our housing, and has either changed over time?
  • For our student population, do we have the right mix of housing building and unit types and amenities?
  • What do peer institutions feature in their student housing?
  • Are our housing rates comparable to peers and to the local housing market?
  • How do our operating and residential life budgets compare to our peers?
  • Is our level of staffing in residence halls typical?