Finding Negotiation Space on Campus

Did you know the typical classroom is occupied less than 60% of available hours?

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Colleges and universities are under more pressure then ever to use campus spaces to their full potential. They face ever-present demands to decrease costs, respond to changing enrollment and evaluate space ownership in a fair and unbiased way. No matter how much space is on a campus, it is difficult for stakeholders to find common ground.You need the tools to…

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Using independent third-party data and a thorough assessment of your teaching spaces, Sightlines’ Space Utilization offers the tools that will help you optimize the use of existing assets to avoid unnecessary costs and provide a foundation for strategic campus growth. Tailored recommendations empower you to make more informed decisions, negotiate fairly around both shared and owned spaces and produce results that satisfy all campus stakeholders.

 A Trusted Process

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The Entire Schools Wins

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