360o Facilities Intelligence for Small Campuses

Small colleges and universities are no less concerned with the state of their facilities as their larger peers. They experience many of the same challenges around space management, deferred maintenance and funding-often with fewer available resources. The result can be a struggle to align facilities initiatives with strategic priorities and an environment where a much smaller margin of error exists for every decision made.

Sightlines’ Integrated Facilities Program helps to alleviate those pressures by providing small campus leaders with the dynamic set of data, analytical tools, benchmarking context and ongoing strategic support needed to improve facilities operations and optimize finite resources. By leveraging core Sightlines capabilities in benchmarking, capital planning, and space utilization, the Integrated Facilities Program provides an integrated view of campus needs and an analytical framework that helps campuses identify tactical opportunities to better align facilities investments with institutional mission and finance.

Integrated Facilities Program 1From data collection to diagnosis and action planning, campuses gain a comprehensive, data-driven view of their current facilities performance and can leverage ongoing tactical support for strategic improvement initiatives.

Integrated Facilities Program 2