Phase 2: Discovery + Prediction

The multi-phased approach of ROPA+ allows the introduction of additional features to the original generation of our services. These phases are Prediction and Performance. Integration of Sightlines multiple databases now enable us to create:

  • More detailed identification of annual stewardship requirements,
  • Prediction tools to forecast the capital investment needs,
  • Prediction tools that assesses the campus capital risk profile

Historically, Sightlines defined stewardship targets as a range. By harnessing the knowledge with the Capital Renewal database, we now have the capability to model annual stewardship by assessing the actual life cycle profile of each building. This process eliminates the broad “stewardship range” and replaces it with a more accurate presentation of the historical investments that vary by year and falls within a far narrower band of costs. The result is a more complete understanding of the exposures surrounding the underfunding of annual needs.

Beyond a clearer understanding of annual needs, integrating Sightlines Capital Renewal database provides the ability to predict future capital requirements, allowing a campus or system to mitigate future risk. The estimated total need by year illustrates the financial requirement. The mix of needs indicate risk – in general the higher the mechanical need as a percent of total, the higher the risk to program continuity. Aligning this investment forecast with a financial analysis provides insight as to the alignment of resource capabilities to the investment need. Our goal is to improve the alignment of facilities and financial decisions when creating long-term asset management strategies.