A Strategic Framework for Smarter Facilities

Ensure you're getting the best return on your facilities investments

Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis provides a data-driven, holistic view of your facilities performance that objectively helps you balance operational goals, capital renewal and deferred maintenance. This critical tool allows you to most effectively steward your facilities and develop an action plan that can be clearly communicated and appropriately funded.

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“Sightlines brought the data and objectivity our administrators needed to understand the risk we were managing, and as a result, we’re expected to receive a significant amount of resources to address our facilities issues.”

Tom Satterly – Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Colorado State University

Get Your Board on Board with Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis

What to Expect with Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis

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A Common Vocabulary to Drive Meaningful Outcomes

Our proprietary Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) model provides you with analytical, evidence-based data that helps establish clear communication across the organization. We create alignment from the boiler room to the boardroom by breaking down our analysis into four key issues:

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