Make the Case Without the Guesswork

On average, campus facilities are worth four to five times the value of endowments. So, do you have the tools to effectively manage your institution’s largest asset? Do you have what you need to measure, monitor and benchmark physical assets with the same rigor as your institution’s financial assets? With Sightlines’ Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis, you do.

Our proprietary Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) process focuses on robust data discovery, validation, analytics, and measurement. This multi-phase approach creates unmatched perspective and provides access to the largest validated database of facilities in North America. Working with you, Sightlines tells your facilities story and makes the case for change on campus.

Three phases for continuous improvement

Strong data is critical for decision-making, but it only sets the stage. To truly drive change, facilities professionals must know how to leverage that data as a communication tool for obtaining facilities and investment objectives. Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis presents institutions the context and validation they need to make sound, data-driven decisions surrounding space, capital, and operations.


  • On-site data collection of key facilities datasets
  • Rigorous validation to assure data accuracy
  • Benchmarking across all Sightlines facilities members
  • Predictive facilities analytics to reduce risk
  • Investment targeting and goal-setting
  • 24/7 access to Sightlines Member Portal
  • Presentations to help you make the case to leadership


  • Create alignment between space, capital, and operations needs
  • Reduce risk of facilities failures
  • Increase annual stewardship of aging physical assets
  • Develop strategies to fund deferred maintenance
  • Reduce overhead of facilities operations
  • Create a baseline for continuous measurement and improvement