Capital Planning is More Than Just a Project List

In today’s facilities environment, there is always going to be more capital need than available funding. So how do you decide which projects to fund and which to defer? To answer this question, many institutions conduct facilities condition assessments (FCA) to understand the magnitude of the problem. Although often successful at establishing the level of deficiencies, these studies rarely create the actionable plans and campus wide support for the capital investment you need.

To make your backlog actionable, facilities leaders need to:

Sightlines Facilities Assessment & Planning solution takes the FCA to the next level through engineering professionals and data analysts who don’t stop after the creation of your project list. We work hand in hand with your facilities department to engage across campus to design capital plans that marry technical needs with mission and financial capacity. Using our Building Portfolio process, Sightlines takes an overwhelming backlog and guides decision making so you can improve your campus and slow the ongoing rate of project deferral.

Develop Building Portfolios


  • Credible assessment of campus conditions
  • Supervisor work sessions to validate and enhance findings
  • Building Portfolios that segment the backlog
  • Capital plans that generate broad institutional support
  • Presentations to help you secure funding


  • Clearly articulate campus needs—present and future
  • Harness the untapped, latent knowledge within your facilities group
  • Adopt capital plans that improve buildings and strengthen mission
  • Slow the rate of future backlog accumulation
  • Reduce ongoing facilities risk
  • Restart stalled decision making surrounding capital funding