Go Beyond the Traditional Facilities Condition Assessment

An actionable capital plan that strategically guides facilities investments

Facilities Assessment & Planning provides you with the tools to strengthen the business case for facilities reinvestment and align project selection with institutional goals and financial realities.

Technical Assessment

The first step to reaching your facilities goals starts with a comprehensive technical assessment. Our team will partner with you to :

Facilities Assessment & Planning 1

We conduct interviews with facilities managers, organizational leaders and other key stakeholders to:

  • Validate project cost estimates
  • Confirm identified recommendations are consistent with operational insight
  • Acquire operator input regarding repairs, priority and timeframe
  • Create a more accurate project list
  • Secure buy-in from the team responsible for the work

Building Portfolios & Strategic Planning

We’ll use our proprietary Building Portfolios process to strategically segment buildings with similar functions or priorities. This helps you to define areas of emphasis and create unique investment strategies that engage stakeholders in conversations about institutional goals and mission.

Facilities Assessment & Planning 2

Multi-Year Capital Plans

With Portfolios in place and an understanding of past investments, we engage leadership to explain the makeup of the backlog, support funding allocation and develop multi-year capital plans based mission-driven outcomes for a strategically selected group of buildings.

Prioritized Project Selection

By applying investment criteria and timeframes to project needs, we work with you to establish a custom scoring methodology that ranks projects and balances investments. This additional support helps ensure confidence with stakeholders to guide and accelerate decision-making.

“The process was thorough and provided a level of analysis we have only dreamed of. We now have a complete understanding of each of our systems and buildings to help us prioritize what projects to invest in with finite resources”

David Proulx | Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Franklin & Marshall College