Transformative Facilities Intelligence Awaits

At Sightlines, membership means…

  • Opportunity to become part of something larger than yourself. Ready to Become a Member? 1As a Sightlines member you become an integral part of transformative intelligence that drives decision making.
  • Access to more than 250 key facilities data points gathered annually from institutions across North America. Utilizing shared data and working collaboratively with Sightlines experts provides colleges and universities the ability to measure, monitor, and benchmark their facilities performance.
  • Perspective from an independent third-party; Sightlines does not provide design services, outsource facilities management, or sell equipment.
  • Influence. Since our core business is the measurement and strategic assessment of facilities assets, we help drive new policies that create change and improve facilities operations on campuses from coast to coast.
  • Data-driven success within a community of like-minded peers dedicated to driving proactive capital investment and maximizing the value of their most valuable asset.

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