LSU Optimizes Capital Resources with Actionable Multi-Year Investment Plan

See how LSU developed a comprehensive and actionable capital plan that strategically guided facilities investment decisions and supports their strategic vision through 2031.

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Making a Case for Centralized Facilities: Bowling Green State University Saves More Than $1M a Year Through Consolidation

Learn how Bowling Green found a way to monitor the success of departmental changes and ensure that savings were used to ease the burden of deferral in the face of ambitious goals to lower costs,…

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Measurement Makes a Huge Difference in a Decade: Hamilton College Grows Stewardship Funding, Reduces Consumption, Gets Younger

With Sightlines, Hamilton was able to validate assumptions about their facilities and make a case for meaningful policies that would streamline operations and improve their ability to prolong lifecycles and reduce backlog.

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Balancing Projects the Franklin & Marshall Way: Priorities Set Course for Future Project Planning

Learn how Franklin & Marshall College was able to rank their project priorities based on four core facilities factors of reliability, urgency, building value, and mission impact to create a 10-year investment plan that was…

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“Duquesne University has found many ways to use the data Sightlines provides…our ROPA data is shown to our president and incorporated into a town hall meeting for all faculty and staff, to show improvements in deferral rate, our increased PM program, and our capital spending levels.”

Rod Dobish

Assistant Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer Duquesne University

“Using Sightlines’ ROPA process, our facilities management team has been able to focus on obtaining operating targets while demonstrating their effective stewardship of our institution’s assets…and has created alignment and credibility among dept. managers, senior leadership, and the board of trustees.”

Ronald Ally

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Harper College

“The credibility that Sightlines brought to the table, along with their ability to help me communicate my (facilities) story to the administration has been invaluable.”

Dr. Chris Crenshaw

Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning & Management The University of Southern Mississippi

“Franklin & Marshall College is so pleased to have retained the services of Sightlines to assist us with better understanding our facilities through their Facilities Assessment & Planning process. Their process was thorough and provides a level of analysis we have only dreamed of. We now have a complete understanding of each of our systems and buildings to help us prioritize what projects to invest in with finite resources.”

David Proulx

Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Franklin & Marshall College

“Sightlines helped allow us to realign our investment profile to focus more on existing space, reduce the deferral rate of projects in older facilities, and identify the need for a reserve fund to maintain our new space. As George Mason strives to improve the experience of current students and increase enrollment by balancing maintenance and construction, Sightlines’ guidance is a valuable resource.”

Tom Calhoun

Vice President of Facilities George Mason University

“Sightlines helped us create a professional framework to organize our buildings into portfolios. This allowed key campus decision makers to work together to create a plan for funding based on need. This plan has been modeled into the future, and now, we will leave a legacy of funding as opposed to inheriting a legacy of deferred maintenance.”

Craig Woody

Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Affairs University of Denver