Prepping for the President: Planning Rutgers’ 250th Commencement

Presented by Tony Calcado, Senior Vice President of Institutional Planning & Operations, Rutgers University & Jim Kadamus, Senior Advisor, Sightlines

Imagine the President of the United States chooses to make a commencement address at your institution. It’s a big deal, right? What if this ceremony also marked your institution’s 250th anniversary, and you expect more than 50,000 attendees, rain or shine? Then it’s a huge deal. And what if your commencement task force had less than a month to finalize plans? Talk about a perfect storm.

This was situation that Rutgers University faced this spring, when they learned on April 14 that President Obama had decided to make a speech during commencement on May 15.

This webinar explores the historic visit and the massive preparation effort involved in its execution from Tony Calcado, Senior Vice President, Institutional Planning and Operations, who served as chair of the commencement task force. Hear about logistics challenges including transportation, public safety and off-site locations.