Planning for the Future: Adapting Facilities to Tomorrow’s Needs

Presented by Jay Pearlman, Associate Vice President, Sightlines

Facilities plays a key role in managing campus growth in ways that support the institution’s overall mission without over-extending available resources. Being able to prepare for the best while planning for the worst, while no easy feat, is essential in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. In this webinar, Sightlines outlines how using data-driven planning to create and communicate a clear vision of your campus facilities can ensure approval for the maintenance and capital projects required to set your campus ahead.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to better prioritize projects by using a portfolio framework
  • A new approach for performing facility assessments that institution stakeholders can act on with confidence
  • How to plan to meet future workforce challenges
  • Strategies for creating long-term facility plans that account for market volatility