Plan More, React Less: Building & Expanding Your Planned Maintenance Program

Presented by Paul Armas, Director of Maintenance Operations, Brown University, Steve Maruszewski, Associate Vice President for Physical Plant, The Pennsylvania State University, and Kevan Will, Senior Account Manager, Sightlines.

“We cannot afford to be in the reactive maintenance business!” – Steve Maruszewski, Penn State University

You understand that planned maintenance is the best means of prolonging the life of your building systems. But after you’ve replaced the filters and changed belts, how does your campus take the next step towards proactively addressing building needs? How do you establish a path towards reliability focused maintenance by changing the culture among your facilities organization? How do you put a plan in place that allows you to reap the cost and time savings of planned maintenance in the face of affordability pressures?

Steve Maruszewski, Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant at The Pennsylvania State University, and Paul Armas, Director of Maintenance Operations at Brown University, joined Kevan Will of Sightlines to discuss:

  • The implemented and projected planned maintenance strategies that have placed them among the leaders in proactive investment within the Sightlines database.
  • The importance of securing “buy-in” from both management and staff by developing a strategic plan that focuses on increasing value, reducing waste, and respecting people.
  • How to establish a cultural shift from valuing the extreme to valuing the routine.