Out with the Old – Creating a New Paradigm Around the Fate of Your Buildings

Presented by Tony Calcado, Senior Vice President of Institutional Planning & Operations, Rutgers University & Jim Kadamus, Senior Advisor, Sightlines

Does your campus maintain too many small or outdated buildings?  Have a growing backlog due to limited resources?  Deal with a strained operations budget?  You might also be struggling to make key decisions about when to renovate, replace, or knock down buildings on your campus.  Thankfully, you’re not alone, and there are solutions.

Rutgers University has been there too.  Yet, with proper planning and data support, they were able to make major policy changes that have improved their situation.

In this webinar, Jim Kadamus of Sightlines and Tony Calcado of Rutgers University discuss:

  • Why facilities must secure a seat at the table to engage campus leadership in a new, more focused conversation about space allocation
  • What data made the case that a paradigm shift was needed and how it affected institutional policies
  • How strategic divestment decisions can have a broad impact on campus and what it means for the future.