2018 State of Facilities in Higher Education

Discover emerging trends, best practices, and keys to maximizing facilities ROI

Join us as we unveil the 2018 State of Facilities in Higher Education. Using a database that includes more than 200 verified metrics from more than 360 schools across North America, the State of Facilities examines how budgets are being spent, why they’re being spent that way, the impacts of those spending patterns and more. You’ll also hear practical advice about what you can do to maximize your facilities’ ROI.

Engage on demand to explore:

  • The intersection of space growth, enrollment and wealth
  • Post-recession capital investment trends
  • The role of debt in facilities funding
  • Construction age, renovation age and what happens when all your buildings get old at once
  • Reliance on staff efficiencies and technology in response to flattening operating budgets
  • Ways institutions are setting themselves up for success