State Spending on Higher Education Increases…Sort of…

state spendingState spending on higher education is up over 5% in 2015, marking the third straight year of increases according to a recent report published by the Center for Education Study at Illinois State University.  Although encouraging, the rise in funding has to be taken in context.  State contributions to public universities have still not rebounded to pre-recession levels and, according to a recent article in American School & University, make up a smaller percentage of the overall operating budgets of public institutions than ever before.

These trends have real implications for today’s facilities leaders.  At Sightlines’ member campuses, capital investment has largely mirrored state spending and has not recovered from large decreases in 2009/2010.  Successful facilities officers have found new ways to balance the needs of capital, space, and operations.  For more details on the strategies that work, read our annual report, The State of Facilities in Higher Education: 2014 Benchmarks, Best Practices, & Trends.


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