Podcast: Purposeful Data Gathering Improves Facility Planning And Management

Facilities managers and executives have an overwhelming amount of data at their fingertips, but data alone is not enough. Experts from Sightlines, a Gordian company, help institutions interpret their information accurately, communicate it effectively, and turn data into an actionable plan. At colleges and universities of all sizes, Sightlines’ solutions are used to help create operational efficiencies, optimize space, stretch scarce financial resources and reduce facilities risk.

Pete Zuraw, Vice President of Market Strategy and Development for Gordian, recently spoke with Facility Executive to discuss how current and relevant facilities data can inform long-term decision-making. Pete has more than 27 years of facilities management and planning experience and has guided organizations serving higher education institutions, state agencies and faith communities. Anne Cosgrove, Facility Executive Editor-in-Chief, asked Pete about trends and issues he sees in his work with facility professionals.

Listen to this podcast below to hear:

  • What has contributed to the growing deferred maintenance and capital renewal trends in higher ed
  • How a common facilities language with stakeholders is critical to meeting campus demands
  • Why consistent data collection and metric selection is important to effective facilities benchmarking
  • How different universities have used facilities benchmarking and performance data for campus stewardship and planning
  • Why colleges and universities can’t ignore their data


Learn more about how Facilities Benchmarking & Analysis helps higher education leaders assess facilities performance and create a strategic framework for optimal facilities stewardship.