Northern Essex Community College’s Plan for Reducing Deferred Maintenance Backlog

It is well documented that reducing deferred maintenance is a major goal for finance and facilities leaders at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, leaders too often have a difficult time getting their arms around the seemingly insurmountable problem as it continues to grow unchecked. However, with a solid, strategic plan in place, even an intimidating amount of deferred maintenance can become manageable.

Take Northern Essex Community College (NECC) in Massachusetts, a Sightlines’ ROPA client since 2009. NECC has a deferred maintenance amount of nearly $200 per square foot, which is more than double the average amount seen across our database of more than 350 institutions, and a total backlog in excess of $90 million. While these numbers are high, NECC has been able to make the case for increased funding from Massachusetts legislators and they can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Their plan will cut the campus’ deferred maintenance in half in next five years. NECC’s vice president of administration and finance David A. Gingerella cites establishing the facts and determining a starting point as the first steps in the process.

To learn more about NECC’s plan, please check out the bonus material from NACUBO’s Business Officer magazine for December 2015.



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