Data and Sustainability: Why Data Should Be Your Ally

Today, many sustainability officers are stretched thin by their duties, which includes a heavy workload of measuring and reporting data, both internally and externally. While the AASHE STARS program has been embraced and heralded for its impact on sustainability reporting, the biggest barrier to an institution’s ongoing annual participation is lack of time/resources/staffing to complete it (see their membership survey results here).

Data and Sustainability

Despite this potential drawback, data is not the enemy of sustainability leaders. In fact, data and sustainability can go hand-in-hand as you build a your case and outline opportunities for future improvements.

Four ways data can improve sustainability leaders’ progress towards strategic goals are:

  1. Establishing a campus baseline
  2. Identifying opportunities by using peer comparisons
  3. Building campus support through communication & transparency
  4. Tracking progress & looking towards future targets

To learn more, please download our article “Data & Sustainability: 4 Ways Data Creates a Path to Progress.” 

Data & Sustainability

How Sightlines Can Help

Having completed more than 500 greenhouse gas inventories for higher education institutions across the U.S., Sightlines understands how data relates to sustainability, and to better assist sustainability officers, we recently enhanced our suite of sustainability solutions. Learn more here.