Colleagues in facilities management since 2000

Sightlines was founded in 2000 with the mission of helping educational institutions better manage their facilities investments. Using shared data and working collaboratively with our members, we built an innovative model to benchmark performance. The partnership with our six charter institutions resulted in our Facilities Benchmarking and Analysis service and the Return On Physical Assets (ROPASM) Process – a service that applies the same rigor to facilities resources that business officers provide to financial resources.

Sightlines utilizes a common vocabulary and creates a shared vision among various constituents on campuses for the management of facilities. This process examines four areas in-depth: Asset Reinvestment, Annual Stewardship, Operating Effectiveness, and Customer Service. The coalition of campus interests created by a common language has resulted in a more informed allocation of resources, reductions in operating costs, and improvements in service.

Our unprecedented success spurred growth that continues today. Sightlines now covers more than 380 campuses across 290+ institutions in 41 States, the District of Columbia and Canada. We steward the country’s largest database of information related to campus operations, which represents more than 1.2 billion gross square feet (GSF). Today, we are proud to introduce ROPA+, a fully integrated service that take our analysis “Beyond Benchmarking” and leads our members through a comprehensive and unique process of Discovery, Prediction, and Performance. Our Benchmarking and Analysis services have also expanded to include campus sustainability issues and student housing. No other tool fosters the sharing of facilities insight and perspective better than the Sightlines database and the ROPASM Process.