University of Maine System Takes Courageous Step, Plans to Reduce Campus Size

In what could be an emerging trend, the University of Maine System (UMS) Board of Trustees recently took steps towards improving the footprint of their campuses by allowing leaders to downsize through the sale and demolition of properties identified by Sightlines as underutilized or needing serious renovations.

Overall, Sightlines’ annual review of the seven campuses shows progress is being made with regard to improving density and maintaining the UMS facilities. Sightlines credited officials for their ability to look critically at their aging facilities and for making difficult decisions. The assessment of space and its utilization is becoming a focal point of discussion for leaders on many campuses that Sightlines advises.

The Bangor Daily News covered the story. Click here to learn more about the progress being made at UMS, and click here to read about the decision to eliminate space.