Sightlines’ Study of Deferred Maintenance Practices at Canadian Universities Published by CAUBO

In 2014, the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) commissioned Sightlines to conduct a nationwide study of facilities conditions and deferred maintenance.  The objective of this report was to provide a national overview of the current state of deferred maintenance, provide insight into its expected evolution, and suggest strategies that governments and universities can consider within their planning process.

Predictably, increases in campus size, rising construction costs, and better reporting methodologies contributed to a backlog estimate far above the previous analysis which was conducted over a decade ago.  In spite of the concerns raised by this estimate, the conclusions of the report may be seen as positive.  While there has never been and will never be sufficient funding available to instantly eliminate the problem, strategies are indeed available to proactively manage it.

The report compiled by Sightlines details the innovative method utilized to conduct the backlog assessment, the current state of Canadian campuses, and future projections.  However, most importantly, it suggests strategies institutions can employ that will instill a culture of stewardship that manages backlog growth.

Download the report:
Deferred Maintenance at Canadian Universities: A 2014 Update