Sightlines Rolls Out COST Forecaster, New Tool to Help Colleges Predict All Expenses Associated with Adding or Eliminating Buildings

Interactive tool allows Higher Ed executives to demonstrate impact of new construction or demolition on campus operating budgets and ongoing capital requirements

Guilford, Conn. – January 27, 2016 – Sightlines, a leader in helping academic institutions better manage their facilities and capital investment strategies, today announced the launch of COST (Capital and Operations Space Tool) Forecaster, an interactive data tool that enables college executives to project the fiscal impact of new construction or demolition of campus buildings.

“More than $20 billion has been invested in new space on the campuses of American colleges and universities since 2010, with no signs of that trend slowing,” said Mark Schiff, president of Sightlines. “Unfortunately, many Higher Ed executives are discovering initial construction costs are just the beginning of a financial commitment an institution is undertaking. Construction of new buildings – or for that matter, demolition of existing buildings – has a wide-ranging impact on operating budgets as well as future capital renewal requirements.”

Sightlines’ COST Forecaster is available exclusively to Sightlines member institutions and is powered by the Sightlines ROPA+ database, the largest verified database of Higher Ed campus facilities metrics in the U.S. Users enter details about their planned construction or demolition project, and the tool pulls information unique to the campus from the database to create different financial scenarios within three primary areas:

  • Space Profile
  • Operations (maintenance, custodial and energy)
  • Ongoing Capital Renewal

The financial models can then be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other formats and integrated into executive presentations, budget forecasts and other formal documents.

“College facilities executives who fail to make the case for adequate funding ahead of time are often forced to stretch existing resources, which leads to reduced customer service and increased deferred maintenance on campus,” said Ted Kail, senior director of product management at Sightlines. “Sightlines’ COST Forecaster helps college and university administrators make the case for capital and operating funding associated with a changing campus. This is the only tool of its kind available to Higher Ed executives.”

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