Sightlines Executives Published in Prominent Industry Magazines & Journals

Sightlines is proud to announce the recent publication of three articles (one penned by Founder and Executive Chairman David Kadamus and two by Vice President Jim Kadamus) in prominent industry magazines and journals.

The April 2015 issue of NACUBO’s Business Officer magazine featured “The Privatization of Campus Facilities” by David Kadamus. The article discusses the implications of privatizing non-educational facilities through P3 projects (public private partnerships). The article, which is part of a larger piece on the dynamics of debt, third-party developers and residential housing, can be found here.

The March-April 2015 edition of Change Magazine published “To Build or Not To Build: Addressing Facilities Needs While Controlling Costs” by Jim Kadamus. The article discusses the tenuous balance between maintaining educational quality and keeping costs in check, and how this applies to campus facilities management strategy. The full article can be read here.

Jim also had an article appear in Private University Magazine’s March issue, entitled “The State of Facilities in Higher Education.” Based firmly in the 2014 State of Facilities report, the complete article is here.