Sightlines Chosen by Higher Ed Systems in Mass., New Hampshire

Guilford, Conn. – June 30, 2017 – Sightlines, a Gordian company, and leader in facilities intelligence and analysis for higher education institutions, today announced it has been awarded two major contracts to provide facilities assessment and planning services to leading higher education systems in New England.

The two engagements consist of the following:

Massachusetts Community Colleges (MCC) – Sightlines will conduct Facility Condition Assessments at each of the 15 campuses that make up the MCC system, including 131 active major buildings totaling approximately 6.7 million square feet. Many of these buildings were built during the 1970s and still rely on systems that were part of the original construction. The assessments will identify investment priorities and support predictable funding for capital renewal at these campuses over a five-year period.

University System of New Hampshire (USNH) – Sightlines will perform a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment and lifecycle study of core buildings on four campuses that comprise the USNH, which includes approximately 9.6 million gross square feet of educational facilities and supporting infrastructure. This study will provide complete building and property evaluations, corrective and maintenance recommendations and budget estimates for the corrective work, serving as the basis for USNH to develop an all-inclusive capital plan to address deferred maintenance issues.

“With these contracts, we will apply our building portfolio process to deliver a specific facilities action plan that supports these institutions’ missions and strategic visions with unique investment strategies,” said Mark Schiff, President of Sightlines. “Few public systems have sufficient capital to address all deficiencies on their campuses, so we focus on making the problem smaller by helping to formulate multi-year plans that optimize facilities investments.”

Sightlines partnered with Gordian’s RSMeans data engineers in the Facility Condition Assessment proposals accepted by both MCC and USNH. Since 1942, RSMeans data has been the most trusted source of localized construction cost data. The data engineers invest over 22,000 hours in cost research annually and apply real-world construction experience to adjust productivity rates and costs to local market conditions across the nation.

“Sightlines will be working together seamlessly with RSMeans data teams to create affordable and actionable capital plans for MCC and USNH,” said Noam Reininger, Chief Data Officer for Gordian. “Our goal is to help these important higher ed systems use benchmarking and market data to make the most of scarce resources, something often not achieved through traditional facility condition assessments.”

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