Changing the Conversation in Facilities Management

Since 2000, Sightlines has been dedicated to helping complex campuses make more strategic, data-driven decisions for facilities planning. By providing campus executives reliable data and objective analysis, Sightlines gives institutions the tools to unify discussions around space, operations, and capital, bridging the communication gap between facilities and finance. A Gordian company since 2015, Sightlines’ solutions have become a central component of the Building Lifecycle.

The Sightlines process begins at your own institution, not with surveys or self-reported data. Our professionals collect data and assess systems and spaces. That data is analyzed and compared to the institutional information of other members in our proprietary database, the country’s largest validated database of facilities metrics. The result is holistic, objective knowledge that provides facilities and financial leaders the framework to balance operational goals, capital projects, and deferred maintenance. This allows decision-makers to create more effective pro-active facilities strategies.

Sightlines has helped hundreds of member institutions shape their facilities strategy. These services have earned Sightlines a member retention rate that annually exceeds 90%—resulting in more data to pull from for future benchmarking analysis.

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