Our Process

Our benchmarking process is one of a kind

When it comes to our benchmarking process, our members know they are getting the most reliable and extensive analytics available anywhere. We’ve developed our own procedure — the QVQ ProcessSM — to ensure all of our members have access to the strategic information they need to make critical decisions. And although you can find other approaches to benchmarking in higher education, Sightlines is the only company that visits every college, university, and independent K-12 member annually to collect, verify, and qualify data. As a result, our benchmarking process offers the most accurate data set available.

Our benchmarking process: Quantify + Verify + Qualify

Our QVQ Process does three things: quantify, verify, and qualify. This proprietary benchmarking process can have a profound and positive impact on your institution’s future.

  1. Demonstrate value from your initiatives or existing resources. The QVQ Process allows our members to quantify the value of current facilities or environmental initiatives.
  2. Use validated data to make the case for change. We independently evaluate your organizational strengths and weaknesses. This lets us help members uncover key opportunities to improve policies or change underperforming areas. Because of our obsession with independent validation, our members have the knowledge they need to make the case for changes in funding and institutional policy.
  3. Better information for better planning for better outcomes. We provide a wealth of information—from facilities measurement to benchmarking to analysis—to help you develop “what-if” scenarios, make the hard choices, and optimize your facilities budget.

At Sightlines, we give our members the knowledge they need to plan for change and the critical information that drives greater results from finite resources.