Member Benefits

Catalysts for positive change on campus

As an extension of your staff, Sightlines team develops high-level, strategically-oriented knowledge. We collect vast amounts of data about our member campuses, analyze it from multiple perspectives, and bring it to life for sustained campus impact. From the boiler room to the board room, our analysis speaks to the concerns of campus leaders – from facilities directors to business officers and boards of trustees.

Why Choose Sightlines?

  • Through our benchmarking process, member institutions have the capability to create custom comparisons that provide the context and perspective they need to make critical decisions about their facilities
  • We help institutions define a common vocabulary on campus that allows people at different levels to connect and constructively address strategic facilities management issues.
  • We help member institutions use our services to bridge the gap that separates finance and facilities and to give key individuals the leverage they need to manage up the organizational ladder.
  • Through our robust, data-driven, and analytical approach to managing facility assets, Sightlines validates and improves our members’ ability to make sound facility investment choices.
  • All Sightlines members have access to “data on demand” with our member website.  Users have immediate access to their facilities base data as well as benchmarking capabilities utilizing Sightlines’ entire member database.