Working at Sightlines

Where are Sightlines’ offices located?

Sightlines’ corporate headquarters is located in Guilford, CT, on the shoreline about halfway between New York City and Boston. We have satellite offices in Portland, OR and Jenkintown, PA, and a few other employees who work remotely throughout the country.  Click here for detailed information on each location.

Who works at Sightlines?

Right now we are approaching 100 extraordinary employees…and we’re all extraordinary.  Sightlines is a team of diverse individuals, ranging from recent college graduates to professionals who have been in the workforce for years.  Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge from our various backgrounds, which we put to use each day to deliver world-class service to our customers.

What is the general Sightlines atmosphere?

Sightlines is a vibrant, youthful and dynamic company.  While we take pride in our work and operate with utmost professionalism, we believe that work should be fun, and we make sure that it is.  This culture has helped Sightlines become the well-rounded, innovative, and successful organization that we are today.

Does Sightlines have a dress code?

At Sightlines we assume you’re likely to do better work when you’re comfortable.  In the office, we have found a happy medium of relaxed business casual.  On campus we respect the dress codes of our members and wear formal business attire, especially when presenting to university boards of trustees.

What healthcare benefits does Sightlines offer?

We offer the usual suspects: medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, short-term disability, life, as well as 401(k), paid time off, holidays…click here for a full list of available benefits.

Does Sightlines offer professional growth opportunities?

Like any good investor, we’re dedicated to growing the value of our best assets: our employees. We routinely promote from within and are committed to rewarding good work. New hires have opportunities to travel and interact with high level executives and trustees.

What kind of training and professional development does Sightlines offer?

New hires are subjected to rigorous training for their first several weeks. We want to give employees a thorough, base knowledge of our products and services. Throughout your entire career with us, we expect you to have questions and encourage learning, including classroom-based learning, onsite training, and daily informal learning.

Does Sightlines participate in any community service projects?

Yes!  We have created a dedicated team at Sightlines – the Corporate Giving Committee – focused on the sole purpose of giving back to the community.  This group is responsible for overseeing and championing volunteering and charity efforts.  Employees can take part in specific volunteering efforts or request company support towards fundraising efforts for charities of their choosing.