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At Sightlines, we believe in each other, and we believe in what we do. Our Core Purpose, developed several years ago and lived out each day, is to be colleagues in discovering possibilities, and our core values revolve around relationships and doing extraordinary things. We could try to tell you how rewarding it is to work here, but instead, we’ll let the important people do the talking…Here are just some of the ways our employees have answered the question, “What is your favorite part of working at Sightlines?”:

“The people and the culture! As most people know, this is my 3rd job after college, and the culture and the way everyone is treated here is nothing like I’ve ever seen or heard of. We have such a great environment that promotes creativity, our own personalities, and a great work/life balance and the result is an incredibly productive, happy group of employees.”

“The team-based structure to our work. The fact that I’ve collaborated with over a dozen people on projects over the course of last renewal season allows me to continue to learn and grow from other people’s experiences.”

“Being able to stay on a project from start to finish rather than being responsible for only a small piece of a huge project.  I really like having ownership of the projects for my members and seeing them through from collection and processing to presenting.”

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