Who We Are

Making university and college facilities management more deliberate and strategic

Sightlines, a Gordian company, was founded in 2000 with a simple mission: help universities better manage their facilities investments. So we built an innovative model that would provide  an independent analysis of their campus facilities, including consistent measurement protocols and competitive benchmarking.  As a result, institutions can understand how they measure up against their peers.  We then use this data to bridge the gap that separates finance and facilities and to give key individuals the leverage they need to manage up the organizational ladder.   Our members use our findings to inform future facilities planning and support key financial decisions.

While our database of operational metrics informs everything we do, we are much more than a benchmarking company. We help institutions define a common vocabulary that allows people at different levels to connect and constructively address funding allocation issues.

The art and science of university and college facilities management

We’re big on numbers. In fact, every piece of advice we offer is informed by the data we collect — both from your facilities and those of hundreds of other campuses around the nation. Because we maintain the largest, most up-to-date, and most comprehensive verified database of operational benchmarks, we are able to put your situation in context. This wealth of empirical evidence can offer real insight into your performance.

But raw numbers only take you so far. So we’re also big on analysis. Our team of experts has been interpreting campus facilities data for over a decade, and we bring a perspective developed over hundreds of engagements. That’s how we help our members separate the facts from fiction. And that’s why our member retention rate annually exceeds 90%. Our college, university and independent K-12 members believe our facilities management solutions offer real value, and they continually seek our expertise and insights for critical decisions that impact their institution’s future.

Our biggest objective is to be objective

To provide the most value to our members, we strive to be objective. We believe it’s important to analyze every detail of your campus operations. You will have the empirical data you need to make critical facilities decisions, large and small — decisions that will be understood from the boiler room to the board room. As an independent third party, we are able to cut through the politics and provide an impartial outlook on your situation. We have a reputation for offering unbiased appraisals and advice, which makes us an ideal long-term partner. By taking a holistic and independent view of your entire operation, we are able to address the concerns of every level of leadership—from facility director to business officer to the board of trustees — so you can make better, more defensible decisions. And now, once you reach consensus about your facilities objectives, Sightlines’ members have access to execution tools that span the full construction lifecycle from planning to design, procurement, construction and operations. You will have the empirical data you need to make critical facilities decisions, large and small — and expertise to streamline your project.