Space Management

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Is your space working up to its potential?

Faculty and staff argue that the campus is too small to support mission and programs.
Students feel that classroom space is outdated and uninviting.
Donors and senior administration advocate for campus expansion.

No college or university is immune to the pressure to increase the size and number of campus facilities; however, a typical classroom is only occupied less than 60% of the time.  Sightlines’ Space Utilization Solutions separate fact from fiction when it comes to your space and its usage, and provide accurate data so you can make better decisions.  This customized service will help you increase space utilization, improve scale, and even suggest ways to further optimize the use of existing assets.space utilization image - NO background

How it works

Sightlines creates an inventory of all teaching spaces and a rigorous analysis is completed featuring room and seat utilization as well as general conditions.  Results are segmented by departmental “ownership” and classroom type and are benchmarked against peers and best in class institutions.

After an evaluation of your data, Sightlines creates a personalized database of facilities assets, utilizations, and specific deficiencies, and we work with campus leaders to assess new space needs and/or any reconfiguration options to improve utilization of space.