What We Do

Facilities insights and analysis for the education market

At Sightlines, we help our college, university and private K-12 members take facility asset management to a higher level and make the most strategic use of their capital budgets. Unlike outsourced facilities solutions, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your campus. Equipped with data from over 40,000 campus buildings from across the US and Canada, we help institutions plan, prioritize, and manage facilities maintenance and upgrades so they can get the most mileage out of limited funds.

Relief for aging campuses

Your campus facilities aren’t getting any younger. And chances are your budgets aren’t keeping up with increasing demands on campus. This means you are forced to make hard choices between maintenance tasks you will address today and those you will choose to defer. All too often, we witness vocal stakeholders influencing project strategies and choices at the expense of more urgent project needs.

With our robust, data-driven, analytical approach to managing your physical assets, Sightlines provides a better way. We help you fully understand your situation — and your options — so you can make balanced decisions that lower risk and drive greater value for every dollar invested. And we give your leadership the tools they need to monitor change, track performance, and plan for the future with complete confidence.

Powerful tools to manage facility assets

We offer the world’s most comprehensive suite of facilities cataloging, analysis, forecasting, performance measurement, and planning services. Our database of campus operations — the nation’s largest and most up to date — allows you to compare your facilities operations against peers around the country and measure your progress. Sightlines is unaffiliated with any third-party product design or outsourcing service provider. This allows us to provide objective advice, unhindered by conflict of interest or inherent bias.

So green, yet so experienced

As higher education institutions seeks ways to make their campuses more sustainable, Sightlines brings a green eye to every engagement. We can help promote campus sustainability and develop a climate action plan that provides a framework for future green initiatives and meets Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) standards recommended by Second Nature (formerly the ACUPCC). We measure scope one, two, and three Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and collect all the data in a database that includes four years of historical data. In addition, we can benchmark each member school’s progress against similar institutions.

When every dollar counts, you need a facilities asset management partner that will save your institution real money and put in place a comprehensive plan that addresses capital maintenance and expansion into the future. Sightlines has the tools, vision, and experience to put your school ahead of the curve.

Our core services

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