Nurturing a Culture of Environmental Responsiblity

Being an effective steward of your facilities is one thing. Acting as a good steward of the environment requires a different set of tools entirely. For decades America’s colleges and universities have been at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Sightlines provides the campus sustainability professional with a suite of Planning, Reporting and Benchmarking and Analysis tools that ease the time-consuming burden of continuous data collection and reporting. This opens up more time for pursuits of their true mission: advocating and implementing campus policies that minimize impact on our planet.

Whether the goal is to measure your carbon footprint, fulfill STARS, Carbon Commitment, Sierra Club and/or Princeton Review reporting requirements or create effective Climate Action Plans, Sightlines has a sustainability solution that can help. Plus, our relationship with the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire means our offerings are always based on the most up-to-date science and methods. Sightlines provides the keen insight and proven strategies that allow your institution to thrive while enhancing the sustainability of the environment we share.


  • On-site data collection and validation
  • Documentation of sustainability performance
  • Peer benchmarking to identify opportunities
  • Recommendations for future carbon reductions
  • STARS data collection and reporting
  • Climate Action Plan creation


  • Save time so you can focus on policy
  • Make use of the best climate science and current methods
  • Maintain compliance with various climate commitments and reporting
  • Tie sustainability to facilities strategy
  • Communicate sustainability objectives across the institution